Oops Another Gingham Style

Gingham seems to be the print to have this summer and being ever so cutting edge I decided to wait till the end of summer to try it out. (Insert some salty side eye from everyone even me). In all fairness this top was actually a dress I bought awhile back. Sadly, after one fateful… Continue reading Oops Another Gingham Style


Coco for Coconut oil – the oil you didn’t know you needed.

Incase you've been living under a rock or simply don't peruse Pinterest coconut oil is the hot new thing, and for a good reason. This stuff is to millennials what windex was to Tulah's dad, (My Big Fat Greek Wedding will never stop being a great movie). This stuff can be used for anything. Now,… Continue reading Coco for Coconut oil – the oil you didn’t know you needed.

Twilight Yoga at The Stoneleigh Hotel

One of the best things about living in Dallas is that there is always something going on. (And lucky for my little thrifty soul so many are free or cheap!) Thanks to some Facebook exploring I stumbled upon a free event The Stoneleigh Hotel was putting on. Anything "free" catches my attention and this event… Continue reading Twilight Yoga at The Stoneleigh Hotel

Lazy Girl Watermelon Margaritas 

Like any true Texan I love me some margaritas, but rarely have the patience to make them the authentic way. Which is why this little drink hack is so great.  The Lazy Girls Watermelon Margarita What you need; Kirklands Ready-to-Drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail  A Watermelon  A Blender  The only prep you need to do… Continue reading Lazy Girl Watermelon Margaritas