Don’t be a Basket Case

The straw basket trend is real and it’s happening. Sure you had Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot who may have started it, and cool French girls keeping the trend strong until now. But the time has come, you too “need” a strawbag for your wardrobe. Jk no one needs a strawbag, but what else is the perfect summer bag? 

But ladies, please, do not get duped into spending mucho dinero on this trend. Because spoiler alert, this style was a staple in the 90’s, and you can bet almost any thrift store will have some options for you. 

I found this bag at a local thrift store for, wait for it. . . . $2. Ya you read that right. I love this bag and have already worn it with several outfits, and gives any look a cool summer vibe.

Ya’ll I know summers ending but I’m struggling to let the feeling go. My plan is to find a way to wear this bag into fall too. Ideas on how to do that? Help a sister out and send me your styling tips and tricks!



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