Coco for Coconut oil – the oil you didn’t know you needed.

Incase you’ve been living under a rock or simply don’t peruse Pinterest coconut oil is the hot new thing, and for a good reason. This stuff is to millennials what windex was to Tulah’s dad, (My Big Fat Greek Wedding will never stop being a great movie). This stuff can be used for anything.


Now, hold on. Don’t roll your eyes at me and label me as some crunchy hipster. (Cuz I totally thought the same thing at first). BUT for real, this stuff solves any problem.

  • Dry Skin?
    • Coconut oil is the best lotion you didn’t know you had.
  • Need to remove your make up hiding your age so you don’t age more?
    • Coconut oil makes the best makeup remover, all while nourishing your skin. (And really ya’ll, their not lying when they say going to bed with your make up on is like the worst thing ever).
  • Ran out of PAM?
    • Coconut oil to the rescue! (and less calories too).
  • Dry ends or fried hair?
    • Coconut oil is the easiest, (and cheapest) hair treatment out there.

Essentially coconut oil is nature’s way of saying “yo remind your self of the island life while saving dough and reaping multiple benefits!”

I get mine at TJ’s but there are tons of great ones out there.

coconut oild TJ


Do yourself a favor ya’ll, go buy some coconut oil and get lost in the many ways to use it!


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