Red, White and American

How is it already July?! (Well, almost July). Ya’ll this summer is flying by and it giving me the feels, like to Lana del Ray status. (Summertime Sadness on repeat). Still not sure what to wear for the upcoming holiday but feeling inspired by America’s drink of choice;

This is a look I came up with centered around the fizzy beverage;


Other then the bald eagle, I’m not sure what’s more American then Coca-Cola, I mean it’s got our nations colors, it’s been around longer then some states and is fattening. (True but sad). So what better emblem to wear to America’s big day?

This vintage ad is all sorts of goals;

What’s your inspiration for dressing for the holiday? I’m always struggling not to look like an Old Navy ad (no hate, that place is my jam) while still staying true to the theme. Any suggestions you have I would love to hear!

Currently on my way down south to El Paso to hang with the parents and play in the desert. What are your plans this holiday weekend?

*Shockingly enough this was not sponsored by Coca Cola


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