Lazy Girl Watermelon Margaritas 

Like any true Texan I love me some margaritas, but rarely have the patience to make them the authentic way. Which is why this little drink hack is so great. 

The Lazy Girls Watermelon Margarita

What you need;

  • Kirklands Ready-to-Drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail 
  • A Watermelon 
  • A Blender 

The only prep you need to do is cut up your watermelon into cubes and freeze them overnight.

Grab a handful or two of your frozen watermelon cubes and put them in the blender and pour in the margarita cocktail. I made mine by just eye-balling and trying to get a frozé consistency, but you can put more or less cocktail in depending on your taste. Then you just blend baby blend. 

I love that this drink is just 2 ingredients and so easy! Plus the watermelon is a natural sweetener that cuts the bite of the margarita just enough. 

What are some of your favorite drink hacks? Let me know, (especially if they involve watermelon or a summer theme 😉) and I’ll definitely give them a try!

Sip, sip, hooray!


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