Living La Vida Frida – OOTN


Tonight I went out to a fundraiser our church was hosting for an upcoming Ethiopia mission trip. It was a great night to help raise money and support those going on the trip. The Texas Ale Project hosted us (try a flight next time you go!) and their patio area was perfect for corn hole, picnics eating the catered Uncle Julio’s (um, delicious) and the live music (which played all my jams, “B-B-B-Benny and jets!”). Inside the brewery were several artists booths for shopping and raffles, (keep your fingers crossed for me).


 Its also hot-hot-humid here in Dallas so I chose to wear my hair up in my favorite, It-looks-fancy-but-really-I-was-lazy-hairstyle, the milkmaid / Frida braid. The event was also fairly casual so I choose to wear my (homemade) cut offs while dressing them up a bit with this fun off the shoulder top.

Pro-tip; make your own cut-offs! These used to be a super unflattering pair of $5 Goodwill mom jeans that after a few strategic snips and a run through the washer and dryer are now one of my favorite pairs of cut-offs.


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